Prime Trades offers simple and reliable mechanisms for withdrawing funds. You can withdraw your profit in a few steps. First, you should fill in the corresponding form in your Personal Account. Then, you need to provide us with all the necessary documents. Remember that money transferring takes some time:

  • up to 5-8 business days via credit cards;
  • up to 3 bank days in the case of a bank transfer.

To withdraw funds, you can apply the same payment gateways that you used to deposit your account. Note that the funds can be withdrawn only if a client has provided all the necessary documents. Prime Trades may also ask for additional identification documents or residency proofs. Withdrawing your profit from the Prime Trades account is easy and safe. Our company ensures maximum security for your funds through encryption technology, security protocols, and segregated accounts.

We process withdrawal requests on working days from 09:00 till 18:00 local time (GMT+2), except for weekends and public holidays. Applications sent after 18:00, would be processed during the next working day. Remember that we transfer assets only to the personal accounts of our clients and never send money to third-party accounts.

You should leave enough money on your account to meet margin requirements for open positions. Mind that Prime Trades is not responsible for any losses caused by the lack of funds on your account. For any questions, contact our support team managers by email: [email protected].